BelongCon Speech


On March 28th 2017 our founder, Martin Rowsell, spoke about Postcards For Peace at BelongCon – a conference about community, acceptance and belonging. For reference, here is a transcript of […]

Postcards for Peace: Team India

indiains with laptop

Postcards for Peace was featured at Voices of Youth, a UNICEF-based platform! As a Goodwill Ambassador for Postcards for Peace and a proud member of PfP’s Team India, I recently […]

Reading to Embrace Diversity


Reading to Embrace Diversity By Chintan Girish Modi How can your choice of books play a role in building world peace? Pooja Pillai, a Mumbai-based journalist, has an answer for […]

The Space between the Notes


A blank staff is a garden for human expression waiting for us to cultivate the emotions that lie within us. Through music, we connect with our rawest, most intimate feelings: […]

Reaching Out To Syria

Between now and the sixth anniversary of the war in Syria on the 15th March our charity, Postcards For Peace is asking people from all over the world to join […]

Can Compassion Be Taught?

Can Compassion Be Taught? By Chintan Girish Modi This question is of interest to many working in the fields of education, mental health, youth development, and  peacebuilding. I believe that […]