Postcards For Peace was originally created as a way of using postcards to send messages of peace, non-violence, hope, support and love around the world while raising money for different charities. It has since developed in to an education project – a way of using the humble postcard, and the creativity it allows, as important educational tool.

By working primarily with schools, colleges, children and their parents to promote equality and diversity, Postcards For Peace aims to help end discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

We plan to create activities which encourage an understanding between people from different backgrounds and create an environment in favour of equality and diversity.  We also aim to raise awareness of issues relating to violence, bullying and human rights.

In 2016 Postcards For Peace became a registered charity in the UK.
Postcards For Peace is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, No. 1168645

Target Areas & Goals

Our mission is to improve the well being of people around the world who are affected by violence and prejudice. Through education and creative thinking we hope to…

• Help eliminate xenophobia, the intolerance of other cultures and religions, and prejudices against the LGBT community

• Work alongside and support organisations working  to reduce domestic violence, street/knife/gun crime, human rights violations and bullying

• Offer support and unity to people in areas affected by war and terrorism

• Support campaigns which promote an equal education for all, regardless of gender

• Urge help for areas where health is greatly affected or where the spread of infectious disease and lack of access to healthcare is due to violence, the threat of violence, a breakdown in infrastructure or due to a natural disaster

• Give a voice to everyone around the world who believe that, by working together, we can create a world without violence and prejudice.

• Work with children to help promote the above areas for their own and future generations

Where appropriate we will also support the targets of the UNs Global Goals.