Abdulbari Yusuf

Abdulbari Yusuf - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Abdulbari Yusuf from the Kurdistan Region-Iraq. I study computer engineering at Ishik University.

I want to speak about myself first of all: I love helping people, I want to be the voice of the unheard and those who have been badly neglected in my society or who have been marginalized. I want to raise awareness about pollution, climate change and the gender gap. I am a volunteering soul;
I feel so happy when I help others. I am really interested in volunteering more and I am a member of many organisations  as a volunteer (Step Volunteering, Aga for human development, an orphange, Erbil Science club, Mercy Eye, Talkmate and more).

For me becoming an ambassador for Postcards For Peace is a great challenge because I want to change Kurds ideas and make their minds open, let is make smiles on their faces that are much needed. I thank you so much for starting this campaign again I’m honored to have contacted you.