Abdullah Frsat Barznji

Abdullah Frsat Barznji - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Abdullah Frsat Barznji. I am a first year medical student at Koya University.

I have participated in many programs, projects and activities. I like reading books, watching movie and sports. I am a basketball player and I play basketball whenever I have time.

My goal in joining this campaign is to save humanity and our beautiful planet by most precious things a young would ever have and can give which are “Energy and Time”. I see how our young volunteer these days, I am very optimistic to the future of our planet.

I want to be a part of Postcards For Peace ambassador because I want to serve my community and humanity with other ambassadors both globally and locally, because it is the right time to respond to the callings of those who suffered and need help, through Postcards For Peace we can exchange our skills and experiences so everyone will be able to serve the most as a group.

Postcards For Peace offers the chance for us to give something back to our community and make a difference for the people around us and help global environment by taking action to save it and sharing knowledge about it (global warming, endangered species and sanitation etc.). I have experience in volunteering as I have been a volunteer in many organizations for many years, I have done many projects and I know four languages which are Kurdish, English, Turkish, Arabic.

I hope I could help with my experiences and make a change through Postcards For Peace with other ambassadors.