Abdulrahman Shaban

Abdulrahman Shaban - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Abdulrahman Shaban and I’m 22 years. I recently graduated as a petroleum engineer from the University of Zakho in Kurdistan, Iraq.

I want to work with charity foundations & organisations and I’m looking for promoting people in my region toward peace and coexistence.

My dream is to become a Peace and Human Rights Ambassador in the future, which I’m working hard towards. As human beings, we all deserve a good, peaceful, and independent life. When much of the world is focusing on war and revenge, let’s work on building one of the most important aspects of life: PEACE.

Let’s work together hand in hand and get rid of this horrific wars around the world, and create a new generation with the idea of Love, Peace, Humanity and coexistence.