Agnieszka Kluska

Agnieszka Kluska - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorAgnieszka is a high school student from Poland. She started developing her passion for advocating for peace in early years of her life, always being vocal about issues concerning current humanitarian affairs.

Having started with simply signing petitions with Global Citizen and participating in Letter Writing Marathons with Amnesty International, she greatly expanded her areas of knowledge around the time she entered high school. Having encountered political changes concerning reproductive rights in her own country, human rights with emphasis on women rights soon became her main field of interest. She participated in several Model United Nations conferences, both in Poland and abroad, often as a delegate in Human Rights Council. She was recently involved in organizing one in her hometown. Due to her great passion for equality and impressive record of activities concerning this subject, Agnieszka was chosen to represented Poland during Women2Women International Leadership Program 2016 in Boston, MA.

She believes that it is important to think global and act local, therefore she always tries to give back to her community. In her second year in high school she led a group of talented organizers and created TEDxCopernicusHighSchool, a TEDxYouth Event for teenagers from her city. She tries to perform as much voluntary work as possible – besides helping out during many festivals held in her city, she became permanently involved with Gajusz Foundation, a child hospice where she volunteers regularly.

Privately, she is a street photography and reportage literature lover, most passionate about adorable cats, old vinyl records and cool vintage shops.

She shares a great passion for making the world a better place with the Postcards for Peace team and therefore hopes for fruitful and long-lasting cooperation.