Ali Saleem

Ali Saleem - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Ali Saleem 21 years old, from Kurdistan regional government which is a semi-autonomous region within federal Iraq.

I’m a first stage student at the College of Information Technology, Engineering Department at Erbil Technical Engineering College.

I also have a diploma at the Information Technology at Choman Technical Institute. I graduated as a top student and for this reason I had an opportunity to go to the engineering college.

I can speak English perfectly and Kurdish as my mother language, I’m also want to learn different languages.

I’m working with many charity organisations and volunteer for Chro and TEDxNishtiman. I’m working with Nishtiman Youth Network (NYN) on the technical side doing things like web development, production and as a technical manager. I am always helping other people, especially students, and for that reason I worked six months at the Soran University as a volunteer.

I have a passion for computing, reading, watching English movies, music and seeing the world for it’s different cultures. I’m very friendly with everyone and I am happy to know many people, and have more friends to improve my networking skills. I have many project for helping people especially I like work with young people to give them a power and make a self-confidence.

I’m a programmer I enjoy my studying, always trying to learn new skills such as programming, web developing and network engineering.
I’m an active young man with self-confidence. I also like public speaker.