Alzahraa Hayder

Alzahraa Hayder - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorAlzahraa is a 16 years old from Basra, Iraq. She attends a gifted students school.

She is a passionate girl who always try to develop herself and improve her skills. She supports and encourages people to develop their skills, try hard to get their dreams and never give up. She also encourages girls to be strong and get their rights.

She loves reading books and playing piano. She says: “everything has an expiration date, except music and books!”. She also likes playing and watching sports (football, ping pong and tennis).

Alzahraa is really interested in volunteering and she became a volunteer in some events and participated in organizing some ceremonies and conferences.

She considers peacebuilding as a great way for developing the societies either politically or socially by creating a free and cultured generations which lack any extremist or bigoted thoughts.

She believes that the strength of communities comes from living in peace and acceptance of each other beliefs.