Aram Shahmohamed

Aram Shahmohamed - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Aram Shahmohamed and I’m 23 years old from the Kurdistan region of Iraq. I am a medical student about to start my sixth and final year of Medical college.

I have seen a lot of oppression since my childhood. When I was only three years old, my family was forced to leave our town because we were from a different ethnic group i.e Kurdish, which the previous fascist regime of Iraq regarded as enemies of the country, while we only were normal citizens and have nothing to do with politics. All of our properties were taken away by them so we migrated as internally-displaced refugees to the Kurdistan region were we started from zero. My father was an engineer and my mother a medical staff member. My parents did their best to raise me and my brothers and insisted that we be successful in our education, and here I am about to become a doctor, thanks to my parents’ efforts and my hard work.

I’m an artist and have loved to draw since childhood. I managed to invest my talent in my field of study, by coming up with new ways to study the subjects by drawing and illustrations making study both fun and much more memorable.

I have been my class representative throughout my school years and the top student. I’ve had many activities in cultural and artistic events since childhood.

Right now, I’m a member of IFMSA-Kurdistan organization and my activities are in the field of Medical Education, as I see myself having very good skills in teaching and education. I want to benefit my colleagues and my people in all means and through my work.

I want to promote peace, so that what happened to us and my people won’t happen again to the next generations, because no one deserves to be oppressed just because of the place of their birth and ethnicity.

I know English, Arabic, and Kurdish(native) languages. I have leadership and communicating skills. I love volunteering work and am very dedicated to my work, and I always take my projects to another levels because of I like to think outside the box and push the limits.