Ayad Ozer

Ayad Ozer - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Ayad Ozer and am 21 years old.

I am going to be doing my final year at college in the English Language and Education Department at Salahaddin university in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Due to specialising in Education, I have been working at many organizations, and I have also managed to attend a lot of workshops and meetings. I have trying hard to get on with all of the responsibilities that have fallen to me.

I was born in a small village called Girdapan where my parents have been working their fingers to the bone to bring me up and provide me the best education. My life, as I have lived it, would not have been possible without my parents.

First I started to build my skills regarding language and communication because I thought without having a language I can’t convey the message that I  want and I didn’t want  to live that way: because aware and being able to communicate are big issues that every single person should have. I have tried to stay away from those who have no idea why they are living in this world and, instead kept company with those who have their own ambitions as well as dreams to live in this world.

I want to be with those who are active because I also want to be as active as possible. I am trying so hard to be so.

I am a bookworm and I believe unimportant things must be set aside so that here will be a lot of room for important things to happen.

“Live simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots”

If you love whatsoever you are doing then success is pretty much guaranteed, failure is not guaranteed, and you have to do it over the sustain period of time.

I am proud of the role that I’ve played so far because I could’ve been able to play a significant role in my life and give lots of love to my friends and my family.