Ayat Ahmed

Ayat Ahmed - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorAyat Ahmed is 19 years old, from Kurdistan region of Iraq. She is student at the medicine school in Duhok and a member at IFMSA.

I have always wanted to help people around me and as my job requires from being a doctor; a smile from a patient or a little pretty girls kiss – it’s going to be more than enough for me.

I have always believed that humanity should be the most infinite rule, because I believe that humanity has no language no religion, color and sure no nationality. I will say that if we all treated each other on this base, there will ultimately be peace and no racism. Because all of us have the spirit of God in us, and that’s more than enough to be respected and to be loved…

We are all precious and important persons on this plant, so why not making our best to help each other?