Beau Jessup

Beau Jessup - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorBeau is a 17 year old A level student and entrepreneur, who shot to fame in September 2016 when BBC News published a story about her web site The story went viral in the UK then global the following day and was featured in 187 newspapers in 17 different countries. Beau’s website helps Chinese parents chose an appropriate English name for their baby. In the past 6 months Beau has named 250,000 Chinese children.

Her success with has grown from her ability to understand the similarities between China and the UK.

At her Ted X talk in Brighton, Beau spoke to an inspired audience pointing out that in the diverse world that we live in, when everyday we are prompted by the media to focus on and fear the differences between cultures, we see war and terror and sadness and that maybe the reason 187 news papers reported her story was because actually we are all more the same than we are different.

Beau is honoured to be an Ambassador for Postcards for Peace.