Behnaz Monfared

Behnaz Monfared - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorIt All Started with an idea for my anti war poster exhibition, and after a while I realised that it’s best for me to pursue my passion.

Being a peaceful person wasn’t my choice, it was about finding a new identity, so I try to find peace in every second of my life.

As a designer, to reach this passion I have worked on many forms of peace art, such as anti war poster exhibition (Tehran peace museum), Women Inner peace and strength (OPCW, Organisation for Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons) and designing peace packages.

Now I am volunteering for Tehran Peace Museum, INMP (International Network of Museums for Peace), and also this website.

After all my researches on war, having exhibitions and designing peace postcards, I’ve come to understanding that the peace I was looking for is indeed inside me.

Finding inner peace is somehow similar to building myself a new world, and to cherish this opportunity, I took it upon myself to share my passion by my art.

Behnaz Monfared is the designer of our Peace Land postcard, available to buy from our shop.