Bianca De Bortoli

Bianca De Bortoli - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorBianca is a passionate individual who has travelled extensively in pursuit of gaining a better understanding her passion for cross-cultural dialogue. Beginning with an exchange trip to South Africa and Rwanda to learn more about transitional justice mechanisms, her experience led her to working as a Psycho-social Worker with victims of human trafficking and torture in Tel Aviv, exploring avenues to combat crime, justice and corruption as part of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Tehran, before working in communications and outreach as part of the field of international justice and accountability in Syria and Iraq.

Additionally, Bianca’s passion for communication has seen her publish a range of articles covering a cross-section of international issues, most notably the increasingly significant area of human trafficking. As such, her commitment to countering human trafficking, and the MENA region has served as a catalyst in her pursuit of establishing a fora for youth, and in particular women,  to become further involved in the conflict resolution process; the desire to challenge existing gender frameworks in this context at the forefront of her career objective.

Having finished her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Politics and European Studies, Bianca is currently finishing her Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies with the hope to assist in bridging the gender gap in the field of global leadership. Having been exposed to a range of transitional justice mechanisms, she hopes to assist in the status and influence of women at the international negotiation table.