Cindy Jiang

Cindy Jiang - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Cindy Jiang and I am 16 years old.

I am passionate about raising people’s awareness about global issues and spreading the message of peace. I visited Gansu, China in summer 2016 as a UNICEF Hong Kong Young Envoy. We had to walk for 45 minutes on a potholed road to reach a family; I was completely exhausted when I arrived. But when I talked to that family, they said that it is only a short 45 minutes journey for their children to go to school every day and for them to visit the nearest clinic.

The trip drew my attention to the issue of global disparity. I was just a witness coming from a wealthy, developed city; and I felt ashamed and powerless when I saw children suffering from inequality. I feel that simply by donating money to charities, the impact I can make is minimal. But through the platform of Postcards For Peace, I can play a massive part in changing the world and promoting peace.

Being a UNICEF Young Envoy, I carried out a school project as well as a community project to advocate child rights and global citizenship to the public especially the youngsters. I successfully spread the emerging issues faced by children such as child labour and child poverty in my school and raised the schoolmates’ awareness about child rights. The community project even got the message across to a wider range of audiences. The hands-on experience made me hugely engaged in thinking about global issues particularly related to children. And more importantly, it builds up my organisational skills and teamwork spirit as I organised self-initiated talks in my previous school and mobilised my classmates to help.

I treasure the vibe of Postcard For Peace where every ambassador comes from different cultural backgrounds. I believe that by getting involved in the campaign, I could reach out to many people and have an excellent opportunity to learn from them. My experience, passion, dedication to work, and my eagerness to be initiative and creative in spreading messages of peace and making a positive impact in the world will certainly make a unique contribution to Postcards For Peace.