Daaman Thandi

Daaman Thandi - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorDaaman is a founder at www.myvolunteerinitiative.in a collaborative platform that facilitates community-based action towards positive change. Launched in December 2017, MVI has spearheaded 9 campaigns,  served over 15 NGO’s and involved over 75 volunteers and 500 donors in causes they care about in its first 10 months.

Prior to founding MVI, Daaman worked as a research associate with the Centre for Land Warfare Studies in Delhi and maintained a blog for CNN IBN, Delhi. She studied International studies, conflict resolution at University of California, Irvine.

Daaman is also an alumnus and peace activist for the Olive Tree Initiative, an award-winning organization that promotes conflict analysis and resolution through experiential education. Daaman’s commitment to understanding conflicts has led her to extensive travels in Isreal-Palestine, Northern Ireland and Kashmir.

Daaman supports many causes but is particularly passionate about conflict resolution, gender equality, women’s economic and workplace issues and education. Daaman works as an advisor and consultant with several Non Profits.