Dawod Salm

Dawod Salm - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Dawod. I live in Kurdistan, Iraq. I am 21 and at the fourth stage, department of English language s at Zakho University

At the beginning I want to thank the founder of this project for this amazing and great idea that is inspiring all ambassadors in all the world to work together for humanity and peace.

Firstly I want to say something about my ideas for life: as a youth I have a clear vision and I am always working hard to expand my skills in every field. I see that it’s good to know many languages because when you know different languages you can get more experience and become a great one. I am trying to learn different languages; I like planning for my next steps, helping and motivating people to do their best and inspire them to have great dreams and fight for them.

I want to develop my skills to support people with all my ability for the sake of having better life and a bright future in my community and the world to live their life that all humans deserve.

I always like volunteer works and I have already worked voluntarily because I want to use my talents and grow them to keep pushing forward and never give up and transfer good ideas to the society, because my community needs to be changed and wanted to be outstanding person to have ability to make difference in my community and enlighten the way we have.

As a Kurdish, I want to share message of peace for Postcards For Peace and tell the world how to live together with differences and do not criticize about differences and respect each other for better life because life is for living and humanity needs us.