Dilan Jawhar

Dilan Jawhar - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Dilan Jawhar and I am 22 years old. I recently graduated from the English department in Soran University. I am from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Actually, I’m really interested in helping people, especially refugee people, and those children who are working on the streets.  I always have a great passion to provide them a better life and education. I would like to do voluntary work, particularly teaching, and I worked as a volunteer teacher in Carrier Development Center and I really enjoyed the teaching.

I’m still volunteering there and want to develop volunteerism in my homeland.

I want to be an independent girl and have a mission to help other girls in my community to have more roles.  I don’t like to be an ordinary person whose existence makes no difference in this society. I always like doing new things and want to be a different girl and inspire others.

I have visited many places including China and I have seen a lot of women who are doing business and have their own shops. So, I have a big dream to be a businesswoman and run my own business in the future. I really love my country; we have been through a lot of bloodshed and trauma and it is still continuing. We suffered a lot and many times my father and mother talked about how they had suffered, when they became refugees in Iran in the past. For about more than 25 years I have waited for an independent Kurdistan but unfortunately we could not get it yet. But I’m really hopeful that I will see the name of “Kurdistan” on the world’s map one day.

I believe that “we could spread peace in the world through just a smile and we could have better life through peace.  The only way to get rid from all these problems of this life is to love peace and live peacefully together. Peace must a subject in the schools, teachers should teach our children the value of it.”