Fatima Rehman

Fatima Rehman - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI, Fatima Rehman, am a nineteen years old Pakistani pre-medical student and have completed my Advanced Level in sciences recently from Lahore Grammar School. Currently, I am looking forward to begin my medical studies.

I view this organisation as a much sought after opportunity for me to strive relentlessly to contribute to the betterment and enhancement of our society. I not only hope to bring about positive changes with my work but also look forward to collaborate with others along the journey.

Among my favourite pastimes, reading is what I am most passionate about; from crime fiction to romance to autobiographies, books are my solace. From this passion stems my love for writing and I hope to someday publish my work as well. I harbour an intense liking for writing and it always give me an escape into any world that I may choose to create for myself. Moreover, I am an avid public speaker too and relish debating on social issues.

Apart from this, I’m an active intern, having worked at the renowned cancer hospital Shaukat Khanam, among other prominent internships. Spending time at SKMH and being a brand ambassador there taught me what a gift life is and how much important it is to try to preserve it for all. Hence, began my dire need to promote and spread peace and to stand up for the rights of minorities.

As privileged citizens of the society, I feel it is imperative for us to lend a hand to the unfortunate ones and contribute any way we can to achieve peace. I deeply wish to work with Postcards for peace to accomplish what I believe is the most essential global asset at the moment – peace. My mission is to stand against the odds in order to achieve peace – something that I believe is truly ours.