Glara Jaff

Glara Jaff - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI’m Glara Jaff, a strong independent girl who likes to get more and more experiences as each day passes in her life!

I am honest and very helpful, very passionate about being a member of a global community for peace, human rights and education. I want to introduce my country’s young people’s ability and show the world how creative and smart young Kurdish people are.

My goal is to have my own charity by which I could reduce the number of kids on street by providing education and showing them the right way of making a living. I enjoy my work a lot and I am very good at imagining and creating new designs for my projects; it’s my passion to make a revolution by which people could get the importance of each field in life regardless of the ranking and arrangements, especially in Middle East.

Another topic that I definitely want to work on is showing the value of females in Middle Eastern society starting from her country at least having the ability to reduce thousand women’s scream of pain at the same time showing them how to defeat themselves and stand against the rules that has been set for them with no reasonable excuses other than humiliating them.