Hana Sherzad Aziz

Hana Aziz - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorHana Sherzad Aziz is an associate lecturer at Erbil Polytechnic University, and summer training supervisor of undergraduate students. He is also interested in education, teaching skills and volunteering.

When he was an undergraduate student, he was an active member at Kurdistan Students Development Organization. His role was to encourage students to participate in educational, social and cultural events and projects. This role in Kurdistan Region is vitally important as the new generation there is seeking for opportunities and chances to share their limitless skills and passion to reinforce their communities in different fields of modern life.

As a volunteer, he started working with AGA organization for training and awareness in the summer 2016 in Erbil-Kurdistan Region. The volunteering task includes Course Organizer for running courses that aim to improve teachers’ skills, prepare volunteers for special projects and encourage students to build leadership skills in themselves. The task also covers educational awareness either in continuous seminars or in monthly publications.

As Kurdistan Region and Iraq are in the middle of conflict area, their communities are in serious need for proper help in education, health, human rights and food security. That is why he is joining Postcards for Peace in the hope that it could be the ideal chance to raise our community needs for peace.