Hawar Farhad

Hawker Farhad - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Hawar Farhad. I was born in the city of Kirkuk, which has been at the frontline of wars since 1960 until the present day.

I am 28 years old and a teacher of Arabic language and Islamic sciences.

My interests are as a charity work and dreamer.

My personal point of view  is that the first thing to do in our society is to end the racism among Kurds, Arabs and Turkomans and to combat racism that hinders the movement of social life between individuals and society – one of the main problems facing Iraq.

I am the official representative of Dutch Dutch in Iraq and Kurdistan and we do many activities during the year to help the people. I teach them some information about the United Nationa 17 global goals.

My goals are the spread of peace in Iraq and the world.