Hawraz Salih - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Hawraz Salih. I am 22 years old and in the fourth stage of clinical psychology at Koya University. I live in kurdistan, Iraq.

At first I want to thank your website because I am really interested in Postcards For Peace. I like to work in this website to know about the other countries and get more information and experience about them. I have already worked as a volunteer in first aid at hospital.
Working as volunteer makes me enjoy and get more information about all things in life.

I have many interesting things in my life one of them reading books about psychology because of my field I want to know vast amounts about the  subject. Another one is working with teams. And finally, I like working with refugees because nowadays a lot of refugees are staying in my country and they are impacted by the bad situations that have happened to them. As a clinical psychologist I always like and trying to help them and make their life better.

I want to work for justice to my country and helping them by doing new things. One of my goals is working hard to make peace specially by team working.