Heja Mohammedamin

Heja Mohammedamin - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorHello.

My name is Heja. I am a graduate from the College of Spatial Planning and Applied Geo-science Department of Applied Geo-science. I am 22 years old, from the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

I am currently working for UNICEF as volunteer. I am interested in voluntary work because its shows the face of human kindness.

I support peace and freedom and hope that I can make a difference in my community to make them accept other religions and also to bring peace and destroy racism.

I have a lot of reasons for choosing Postcards For Peace but, to be specific, to bring peace to this world.

I would like to be your new ambassador because I want to send my message to my community to be more peaceful. I love helping people no matter what their color, gender or race.