Iman Idris

Iman Idris - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorHi.

My name is Iman Idris Harwty and I am 20 years old. I am from Kurdistan in Northern Iraq where I am a student of college of dentistry.

I was born free and rich, meanwhile hunger was part of our lives. Wars, oppression and enmity was fulfilling our days and destroying our homes. But I always had my mommy’s bosom to sleep in and daddy’s arms to build my dreams in.

I still remember my dad staying awake all night to protect his family from criminals and wild animals in that region. I still remember when his tears mixed with rain drops when our home was ruined by thunder storms.

I was growing up seeing all this injustice and crimes towards our people. I felt that these things must be changed! And I still remember my daddy’s speech when he was smiling at me and saying: “You can change this world and make it a better place!”

I was then a big dreamer, planning how to make my daddy’s saying come true! I was always thinking, planning, asking myself how to make this change.

He was taking me every where teaching me everything, what would I do if I was alone?

I lost my Big Daddy ? he was always supporting me to show me what I can do, to talk and let the world listen! He was always making me feel special! Confident and strong!

I promised to make my daddy’s dream come true, to become the helping hand for those in need, the power for the weakened, the voice of the unheard, the eyes of the unseen…

I didn’t get a chance to see the refugees and IDPs until I joined the high school and college and we created a small organization that we visited camps and saw the difficulties in which they live! I realised how meaningless this life is when I asked a child what do you want me to do for you? She said: “I want my Daddy back! Mommy says he is in a place better than ours! But I am sure Dad woudn’t leave us behind!”

I understood the injustices of life when I saw a mother giving her three months old child mastaw (yogurt+water) instead of her breast milk because she hadn’t eaten anything for days to produce enough milk, and didn’t have enough money to buy for him. When I saw a father staying awake all night protecting his children…

Please stop hurting each other! Killing each other! Our children are living in fear! They are afraid of our cameras because they think it’s a gun! Here a bullet won’t kill one, it actually kills two!

We must stop this. We should spread peace. Make our people feel it, give them the love and mercy they need.

We are young! Future is in our hands and we are the strongest.

Let’s be the power that controls hearts and make them happy! Let’s be the hand for those are in need. Let’s make them feel they are not alone!

Maybe we can’t change their lives but we can change their vision for life.

Maybe we cant change their actions but we can change their thinking.