Kazheen Jalal Mustafa

Kazheen Jalal Mustafa - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Kazheen, from Kurdistan region of Iraq. I am a teacher and I also volunteer at different organizations based on charity.

Since I remember, my aim was to do something to bring all our differences together. My philosophy in life is keeping everything as they are, with all the diversities; religion, ethics, and culture. I hate when we all become one, and refusing each other because of having his/her own thoughts. I believe this planet is given to humans regardless who are they, and how should be. We humans could be parted into several special points, but we all belong to the roots of humanity at the end. All colors have been given to us for a reason, if each of which is removed one day, a kind of imbalance would appear in process of life.

I have been lecturing people to live in their lives, to go through hardships, and, continue working on their dreams, no matter how slow they work, because continuity will reach the top might be not soon but one day they will. At the same time, I use my voice to become a hope for those who are suffering due to lack of confidence and ruined lives.

I would like to mention we are living in the age of technology, and extreme beliefs. Youths are the most responsible ones to keep the world’s web connected with love. Let’s use our voices be heard online, this world needs more peace and less violence.