Kundan Srivastava

Kundan Srivastava - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorLove and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity can’t survive.

This quote by Dalai Lama would ring constantly in Kundan’s mind when this young boy’s passion for social causes led to him being kidnapped in 2004. He was kidnapped. He was hidden away and scared for seven days. He didn’t think he would survive the ordeal, but he managed to escape from their clutches after seven days, and even endured a gunshot on his leg while escaping, only to dedicate himself to human rights and development.

Kundan Srivastava, is a friend, every human being needs today, because what you or your loved one may not want to fight for, He will fight it for you and get you the justice you deserve. He’s a noted Human Rights Activist, Author of Title is unTitled- , which talks about the apathy we have created in our society”. and Entrepreneur. He has been instrumental in highlighting the plight of and fighting for Indians in the country and around the world.

He was born in Raxaul a small town in ‘East Champaran’ district in Bihar, India. He studied B.Tech in Information Technology and graduated from Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun (India).

He has been fighting for the common man (service & labor class) to come back to their Mother land who have been illegally exploited in Saudi Arabia fighting for life, wages and better life. Apart from this, He has been fighting for several issues of human rights including elderly abuse, child abuse and human trafficking.

He is the founder of ‘The Voice Raiser’, India’s leading platform to raise a voice for people to fight against victimization and injustice. His notable works has been featured by national & international media like BBC, PTI, The Washington Post, Metro, Huffngton Post, The New York Times, The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Deccan Chronicle, The Independent, chron.com, derstandard.at and more. He has also raised close to 20 lakhs for needy human beings i.e: survivors, victims.

Awards and recognition

Kundan has received several humanitarian awards such as the Universal Humanity Award, Pithadhhish Award and the Veer Putra Samman Award.

  • Pithhadhish Award’ 2012.
  • Universal Humanity Award’ 2013. -An International Prestigious Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Services.
  • iVolunteer Award’ 2014.
  • Global Diamond Award’ 2016.
  • Veer Putra Samman’ 2017. – For saving dignity and pride of senior citizens (mothers).