Laith Marsool

Laith Marsool - Postcards For Peace Ambassador22 year old Laith Marsool describes himself as a young man who loves to do good and who seeks to spread love and peace in his country. He offers his assistance to the needy and every person. He is from the Diwaniya province of Iraq and is a fifth stage Dental Student in Najaf,

As well as spreading love, cooperation and assistance to the needy, he wishes to spread health and cultural awareness in Iraq. He has helped to raise awareness of oral and dental health issues as well as sharing information to help the prevention and spread of other diseases.

He has previously been involved in in Dari Medical Relief and participated in the Peace Festival in Diwaniyah.

He has helped in the rehabilitation of the children of Iraq and has offered help and support to those people affected by the war and terrorism in Iraq in recent years.