Maha Rehman

Maha Rehma - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Maha Rehman. I belong to a not so little country in Asia, Pakistan. I’m a third year medical student from Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore – the city of gardens and food.

I’m also the National Officer of Human Rights and Peace for the International Federation of Medical Students Association’s-Pakistan.

Regardless of the dilemma that has enveloped us (in underdeveloped countries) I believe, “Not all of us can do great things but we can do small things with great love.”

I worked as a volunteer for many organizations. Be it as a project head for underprivileged children in SOS village to provide them their right to quality education, or planning suitable inventions as projects of domestic violence and human trafficking at a local NGO, Madadgar. I even headed the project for women education at Taleem-e-Niswa (education for girls). I’m currently working with an NGO, on their project of bring a child to school. We’ve built small units in slums and are teaching 50 children. I am also an active member of ISPCAN.

I started serving as a local council president in my country. I have gained most important skills of leadership and socializing in this time. As a president I had to interact with different people of diverse origin, so along with other local councils I started working on several projects with not only enhanced my leadership qualities but also taught me how to work unanimously to achieve the desired outcome.

As  I am an active traveler, I like to absorb in the culture and norms of contrasting societies and get preferable insight of their day to day problems. Nevertheless I believe that I have gained enough exposure through my years in supporting the cause to pursue this work as I have engineered in understanding the statistics of it and how to play the role with maturity during challenging situations. I have confidence in my abilities to encourage innumerable people into working for this noble cause.

Even in today’s busy day and age we are all still connected and once we are able to grasp the concept of being hinged to each other, the world we live in becomes a much smaller place for all of us. Embracing this fact helps us understand the plight of others. Their joy makes us happy and their sadness moves us to the core. Their welfare is our welfare. One individual can trigger the ignition to help those in need, creating a ripple effect, making the world a better place to live in.  Peace; a five-letter-word giving a musing message, a word that brings a particular sensation to your ears making you to struggle to achieve it, a blessing actualized by some but not by others, a word with an unfathomable history, a word one cannot write enough on. Motivated by the fear of staying behind in a world where people are deprived of general necessities, I wanted to work for it; to achieve the golden sparrow- peace.