Mahdi Hamid

Alaa Jameel - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMahdi Hamid is coordinator of American Corner and a Kurdish young leader in volunteering, who has established a volunteering network at the University of Duhok. He is 24 years old and has born in Kalakchi, Kurdistan. Hamid holds bachelor degree in English Language and Education at UoD, meanwhile he is a former Erasmus Student (Warsaw University, Poland).  Last year he taught fresher at UoD and he is teaching English Language to young adults.

He has a good background in leadership; first, He started working with KSU, and later worked as a team leader assistant with MEDAIR. At the same time, He works as HOD with SLO (Step for Life Organization). Hamid is working as the director of American Corner, Duhok for now. Not only is Hamid energetic and positive but he is also an optimistic person. He loves to help refugees and IDPs kids. Hamid used to be the King of his faculty during his collage lifetime and everyone is calling him “KING”.

Hamid believes in moving and traveling rather than staying somewhere for whole the life!  He has traveled many EU countries so far, he is a hitchhiker too and loves an adventure.

Hamid believes that one day he can do something good for his country and the world through Education.

It is his pleasure to be a part of Postcards for Peace.