Mariam Fatma Sayed

Mariam Fatma Sayed - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMariam Fatma Sayed, a 22 year old graduate from Mumbai University, and currently a post-graduate student had been a volunteer since joining her junior college. She has an enthusiastic personality and has always yearned to bring about a change in the society. Writing and conducting out activities for social norms in her city is her greatest endeavors among many.

When asked why peace, she excitedly exclaims, “Peace! – a five-letter-word gives us a soothing message, a word that brings a particular sensation to our ears making us to struggle to achieve it, a blessing actualized by some but not by others, a word with an unfathomable history, a word one cannot write enough on. Motivated by the fear of staying behind in a world where people are deprived of general necessities, I wanted to work for it; to achieve the golden sparrow – Peace.

She has worked with schools and youth organizations giving seminars on issues related to female feticide and importance of female education in social entrepreneurship. On working with schools she states, “I invite young students below 10 years of age to write about peace, unity and equality. Their pure thoughts make me believe that how innocent children are and it is then I have decided to mould them in good, responsible individuals.” For that she has been giving similar seminars to students in the adolescent age group so that their mindsets focus on social issues pertaining not only to national territories but also to international boundaries.

“Unless we teach our children peace, somebody else will teach them violence.” – Coleman McCarthy.

About Postcards for Peace, she opines that she views this organization as a much sought after opportunity for her to strive relentlessly to contribute to the betterment and enhancement of our society. She not only hopes to bring about positive changes with her work but also look forward to collaborate with others along the journey.

Being an ambassador for Postcards for Peace, she exclaims, “I deeply wish to work with Postcards for Peace to accomplish what I believe is the most essential global asset at the moment – Peace. My mission is to stand against the odds in order to achieve peace – something that I believe is truly ours.