Marya Yassin

Mary Yassin - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI’m Marya – a Muslim from Kurdistan. I’m 22 and a student of Environmental science at Salahaddin University of Hawler* (citadel of Kurdistan). I’m in my last year of university.

To say more more about myself I’d like to start from my childhood. When I was ten I always liked different things in life far from routine. I always lioked meeting with new people.

I enjoyed reading books. At that time stories were translated from aother languages, especially from English. I also started watching cartoons from European channels.

When I was a child, I started trying a lots of different ways to spend my time. I would draw and paint pictures or make hand made things but I realized that that none of them were my real hobby. What I enjoyed most was reading and learning new languages. I began by buying some books about grammar and writing essays before starting to take language courses.

I have social personality. I like group working  and I first began working with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) when I was 12. Once I started working in this field, I couldn’t stop. Working for people, with the same aims as me, makes me really make me happy. It also gives me great experience for the future. I love charity. I haven’t worked for anywhere with a salary.

I have attended many seminars and workshops and courses about volunteering, leadership, women, teaching and human development ideas like NLP and law of attraction as well as many more subjects.

Postcards For Peace was one of the great things that came into my life as it really fits my aims. I first got to know about it and introduced myself to them three years ago. I wanted to help them out sooner but, unfortunately, I was working hard for my university exams. I also didn’t feel like my English language was very good. However, Martin Rowsell (the founder of Postcards of Peace) has been very patient and helped me a lot and when he asked me to be one of Postcards For Peace Ambassadors, I gladly accepted. I think that is a great way to show my support for the charity and also campaigning for peace.

I hope one day we can make Postcards For Peace a greater charity and have a chance to make an international conference to sit, speak and meet each other for peace in the world and show the beautiful reality of different areas.