Moataz Hasan Mohammed

Moataz Hasan Mohammed - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMoataz Hasan Mohammed is a twenty-one years old, civil engineering college student, Activist, Volunteer, artist and campaigner. His dream is to become a person with knowledge to cure the diseases which have been improved by time to become a way for radical thinking in his community because of the unfinished war.

Moataz Born at Mosul in 1996. He lived in Mosul for 10 years then came back to his homeland Kurdistan to live his life till now. He is obsessed with peace because he lived his whole childhood life in misery when he was in Mosul, always killing, fighting and people get killed because of it. So one of his goals in life is to spread peace between people then between nations with every possible chance that is available.

Moataz wants to inspire and motivate every type of people, the young and old. Peace is something that you can say “Most Wanted” in his country because of the series of different crises that are happening one after another since a long time ago.

Volunteering and Experience
Moataz started his journey with volunteerism at American Corner Duhok, then he wanted to expand his voluntary network with Volunteers of Duhok University (VDU), Peace Center and Social and Cultural Center just to be more reliable and work harder for the sake of achieving the lasting peace.

Also he participated in Workshops, Ceremonies, Exhibitions and Social activities, after that he started to work with NGOs and local organization for helping people and developing his skills to get improved for better and more profession. Moataz worked with Italian NGO (UPP) for building peace in the areas who have tensions and conflicts against each other.

Moataz’s involvement in Postcards For Peace comes out of a desire for giving the best to help people, raise their awareness, motivate them and give them hope for the peace that we all wish to be come true in everywhere.

Becoming an ambassador for peace is one of Moataz’s great dreams in life that he wished to achieve and he always waited the moment to come for this dreams to be achieved and done very well because he always believed that the best has yet to come on this earth and we determined to live it.