Muhammad Mueen Ahmad

Muhammad Mueen Ahmad - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorAssalam-o-Alaikum!

I am Muhammad Mueen Ahmad from Pakistan. I’m final year student of chemical engineering. I’m article writer and social activist and writing my 2 books parallel.

Since my childhood I have been looking around and sensed weird feelings of inhumanity, injustices, unsatisfaction and war. I saw countries were engaged to surpass each others for being world power, for resources, for invading other countries. I took it as a monopoly of power. But in return all outputs of these clashes, conflicts and wars ultimately be beared by civilians and they become victim of brutality and massacre.

I sensed that monopoly when I was sophomore in engineering. I turned my mind to do something in right of humanity, to save them. First I didn’t have much resources and experience to tackle with. I started writing small inspirational articles befor beginning to write for Magazines. Then I turned my attention to write a non-fictional book. Currently I’m writing two books parallel. First is called “The Globe” and second is titled “Conspiracy”.

Afterward I started taking interest in social activities. I became a Chapter member of an international NGO “Euphrates Institute” situated in Redding, California. And now Postcards For Peace have recruited me as an ambassador me to spread the message of peace worldwide.

I want to make this world a global peaceful village where everyone gets his rights and live and let other live in peace.