Nadya Dicky

Nadya Dicky - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorNadya Dicky is maverick engineering student at Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia.

She is determined to change the world, her calling is dedicating her works to better the society and she has been working toward that goal ever since. In 2016, then 16-years-old, Nadya received the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study scholarship to live in USA for a year as her country’s representative as a citizen diplomat-exchange student. The main objective of this scheme, was to bridge an understanding between cultures and establishing strong international connections in global governance. During her stay in USA, she was awarded Community Service Award for promoting volunteerism and has done more than 100 hours of volunteering.

Nadya Dicky uses her platform to stress the importance of inclusive intercultural education to ease out tension and prejudice among global community.

Upon her return to Indonesia, she worked with volunteers to hold educational and environmental focused projects called Open Your Eyes. She sanguinely believes that every individual embrace the responsibility to the change that we need in the world, thus she worked alongside non-profit groups in fostering her community throughout volunteerism.

She is currently pursuing her passion in bio-engineering and wishes to be able utilize her understanding in putting out more substantial contributions to society.

In her free time, Nadya enjoys exploring the beauty of mother earth’s nature, musicals, photograph, write, and read.