Nahrain Burhan

Nahrain Burhan - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Nahrain. I’m 19 and studying Civil engineering at Salahaddin University in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Alongside my field of education, I’m working hard for many other hobbies and goals, interpreting my abilities, getting experience, and trying to turn my dreams into reality.

I’m an active idealistic, and change maker in my community. I have organized and participated in many conferences and forums that gave me enough information to be an open minded person. I have team-leading and group-working abilities, the power of working together and helping each other usually give me courage & hope for a brighter future.

I’m volunteering with many organizations to help youth in many fields including interpreting and improving their talents, hobbies, opinions, and ideas, helping them to gain access with organizations and companies to get a job that fits their ability, helping refugees, organizing conferences and panels to show them the way to set goals and achieve them.

Being in a group of young volunteers, whose aim is to work for the sake of development, responding to each others idea which is a real thrill and making that connection inspiring and exciting really motivates me. Learning new things has always been a great achievement for me, in every event and activity that I have participated I believe that I have always been able to learn something new, or a new way to look and solve a problem.

Organizing events usually have been one of my hobbies and managing Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, as well as Debates, since It’s a rewarding experience & a great opportunity for us to participate in spreading ideas and innovations, supporting and serving our community.