Namo Shwan - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Namo Shwan. I’m 20 and I’m Kurdish form Kirkuk/Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Since 2001 I have lived in Erbil due to migration. I’m an undergraduate at Environmental Department college of science in Erbil.

I enjoy reading books and I can write also. I wrote a short story and some poems.

Since I started Understanding things, I have tried to think a lot until I got a question for myself, “What I can do that make me feel happy when I get to sleep at night ..?!”

It is my Dream to make peace in the world, or I may help any country to get peace, or even somebody to get inner peace. It would mean a lot to me if I could make a difference in the world by helping, making peace, giving hope etc. to those who have lost their own way… Finally I realized that this is the answer for my question.

I have attended many seminars and workshops and conferences, also I made lots of presentations at different subjects.

I have a social personality. I like working alone and in groups. It’s my way of life that I should listen to others while taking decisions or working together or even in some cases when I was taking a lead I always listened to them then I’ll choose the best decision for all.

Helping or doing something for somebody makes me feel happy and relaxed. It’s my goal when I get in bed to feel that this day I did something good.

“Together , we are strong let’s be together to make a better life , better world”.