NŌVA - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorNŌVA is the Latin word for new and it also is an astronomy word describing an explosion of a star in the universe above us.

NŌVA is a Canadian born singer and songwriter from Montreal. From a young age, she was exposed to many different genres of music. Classically trained in violin and voice she began discovering her true artistic genre. Always working on new songs to perform live, her music to many comes across as dark and edgy. “Sometimes in life we go through things that aren’t always fun, I try to express myself as much as possible through my songs” she says.

About working with Postcards For Peace, NŌVA says:

“When I came across Postcards For Peace, I felt an instant connection to their message and how they want to promote hope and change. I was raised to embrace everybody and to not judge anybody no matter where they were from, who they were or how they looked. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks that way and I think we need to keep spreading that message of tolerance. A lot of my friends are gay and I’ve seen first hand how some of them are judged and mistreated. This is something I can’t stand by and watch. People should not be treated any differently than you wish to be treated. Gender, race or sexuality should not be a factor in how you treat people. My wish for the world is an abundance of love and peacefulness but to get there we must do all that we can to spread that message”.