Prakshi Saha

Prakshi Saha - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorPrakshi is a blogger, activist and gender equality advocate.

She started an Instagram page first as a part of her social media campaign. After few months of running it, she was overwhelmed by the love and solidarity she received from people across continents. That’s when she decided to start her blog. Both her page and blog are called Gender Justice.

Her blog offers a non-cliche narrative on issues within the broader ambit of gender amidst the prevalence of many misconstrued feminist notions, where she talks about everything from menstrual hygiene to the LGBTQ community to what she calls the #notaskingforit campaign which demands the urgent need to stop victim blaming in cases of sexual harassment.

Currently, she works as the Gender Advocacy Leader at SheSays India, a non profit women’s rights organisation whose work has been acknowledged by the United Nations, Obama Foundation and others where she conducts gender sensitisation workshops in educational institutions across her city.

She also writes for Youth Ki Awaz (translated as ‘the voice of the youth’), India’s largest online media platform where she openly calls out for the need to crush patriarchy.

She has been a tireless and resilient advocate for gender equality and ending gender-based discrimination across the world.