Rachel Kareem

Rachel Kareem - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Rachel Kareem. I am a graduate of the Brit School for Performing arts and Technology and the University of Kent. I have a strong background in the arts, more specifically theatre, fashion and design. I keep up to date with politics and human rights laws and homelessness legislation. I learned at quite an early age the impact the arts can have in promoting and affecting positive change in the world. I currently work for an organisation in North East Scotland working to reduce homelessness and housing issues for individuals and families struggling to survive each day.

I have worked with a diverse range of individuals and families: from those who have suffered from domestic and/or sexual abuse, to those suffering from mental health issues or drug and alcohol dependency. I also work with victims of hate crimes relating to religion, sexuality and race. I have also worked with asylum seekers and have heard some of the heart-breaking experiences they have had to suffer and of their fight to survive. Working with the people that I have over these years has truly inspired, humbled and given me the passion to fight against injustices and strive for a peaceful world.

I work closely with many charities in Scotland and across the UK. I have spent most of my life working to help reduce homelessness. While studying at University I set up a small charity and lobbying group named ‘Empathy’ to help raise awareness of homelessness in Canterbury, Kent. This charity helped me to gain valuable knowledge about some of the causes of homelessness in the UK and the services and organisations working to support people experiencing homelessness, discrimination and abuse. I also have a lot of experience working with young people as I have done a lot of youth work over the course of my career.

I am a strong advocate for working towards a world filled with peace. I have always been active in trying to promote and uphold human rights laws and openly fight against discrimination against all diverse groups and individuals. It is for these reasons that I feel so strongly about Postcards for Peace: it speaks to my heart; it strongly appeals to the principles that I have been passionate about since I was very young. I believe that Postcards for Peace can make a change, that using art can help to influence that change. No matter how little we think we contribute to change, it is still a step towards that change and making the world a better, more peaceful place. PFP lets those less fortunate know there are people fighting for them and that care about them.

As an ambassador for PFP I want to contribute to making it an organisation that reaches millions. I have met some truly amazing people over the course of my life and career and have many amazing friends, colleagues and acquaintances that I know are as passionate about the principles that PFP stand for. Their influence in all the difference sectors that they work in is a forum in which PFP can be spread to many more people that want to join the cause and contribute to that change. I look forward to using my skills and knowledge in fashion and design, writing, UK Legislation and global issues to help PFP to grow.