Raghav Chopra

Raghav Chopra - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorAt business school, during his undergrad, Raghav knew his path was laid out for him. Undergrad- the corporate ladder- masters- the corporate ladder again. But if only plans worked. Four months into his dream job at Google, Raghav realized that he was not cut from the corporate fabric and that he was meant to do more. If only someone could tell him where to find more.

He applied for a fellowship at Teach for India still unsure of what it meant. But in the two years that Raghav spent teaching girls from Delhi’s poorest community, his view of society was tossed upside down. From the most inspiring moments with his students, to the most heartbreaking stories from their homes, the fellowship cemented Raghav’s motivation to spend his most invigorating years in the social sector. And while he forges ahead, the one core value that anchors him is his commitment to ‘education as a definitive means of progress for everyone’.

A valedictorian in school, Raghav has been selected for youth conferences at Yale, Harvard, and Prague. He has worked with evidence for policy design at the Harvard Kennedy School/ IFMR Lead to reduce payment delays to workers under MGNREGA, and led the construction of a school in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Currently working with YLAC  (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship), Raghav hopes to promote the ideas of diversity, harmony, and most importantly, accountability of power among school students and young professionals.

At Postcards for Peace, Raghav hopes to connect with like minded people, to spread the message of peace and diversity as far as possible.