Rebin Fakhruddin

Rebin Fakhruddin - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Rebin from Kurdistan Region of Iraq. I live in Erbil – the capital of my region and which is now holding around 700,000 internal displaced people and some of Syrian refugees.

I am freshly graduated from Hawler medical college. I chose medicine because I feel that I can great offer and serve for humanity in that field without waiting for any rewards.

I have always been passionate about working and helping people in many aspects. I started to become a volunteer when I was in my 4th year in the college especially after ISIS invaded Iraq and millions of people were displaced.

I was pay-free worker in organisations, offering simple medical help as I have medical background. My aim is to help people and to see the world free from wars because I have seen bad wars and many bad events in my country.

I have a lot of reasons for choosing Postcards For Peace but to be specific, I want to be a part of working on bringing more peace to this world, and working for that matter starting from my own country.

I have a lot of hope for this world no matter what I see in the news everyday, we are bigger than war if we all are hand in hand working for our deserved PEACE because all lives matter.