Rishikesh Bamdale

Rishikesh Bamdale - Postcards For Peace Ambassador“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies” – Mother Teresa

Rishikesh is a final-year engineering student in computer science based out of Pune.Though he is an engineer and a geek, he has a great interest in Peace Activities, Social Empowerment and Gender Equality.

In his engineering life, he has done activities like – Social work in National Service Scheme (NSS) program, Attending camps for better rural development and spreading Gender Equality, also Organizing and Curating TEDx event to spread mind-blowing ideas for social change. He closely watches politics of the world and interested in contributing for Peace Activities in Middle-East and Kashmir. He is also an avid reader,critical thinker and have a very diverse personality with a nice leadership quality. Social issues is where he found himself connected with.

Rishikesh is currently seeking opportunities to work for Peace, Conflict-resolution activities and Gender Empowerment along with his student life and future job.