Ruba Aburdeineh

Ruba Aburdeineh - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI’m Ruba Aburdeineh from Bethlehem, Palestine.

I’m the head teacher of Al-Shurooq school for Visually impaired children. This is my sixth year in this job and our school mission is to provide education and care for the Visually impaired Palestinian children.

Our children come from different communities around Palestine. In those communities, disability is considered as a shame and no one wants these children. Their families feel isolated and neglected from their communities. We provide psychological and awareness session to the families to help them accept their child’s disability and support their child.

The services that we provide are almost free and with the help of different friends around the world we are able to continue the great job that we do.

We live in a place that peace is an urgent issue and as individuals we should work toward having an infrastructure for peace to nourish. In our small community which is Al-Shurooq school, we inspire the children to accept others, despite the difference in religion or race, as we believe in humanity.