Sarezh Ziad Kamla

Sarezh Shekh Muhammad - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Sarezh Ziad Kamla. I am a Kurdish woman from Kurdistan.

Last year I graduated from college of Dentistry with honors. When I was in college, during 5 years of studying, I participated in almost every activity and volunteering project I could with other colleagues. Now I work as a dentist.

For two years I worked on an academic diploma course, held by Women Leadership Preparing Organization (WIPO), about leadership in women which consisted of self leadership, social leadership and institutional leadership, over 200 hours of training.

Throughout this journey my entire ideas about life, people, work and dreams were changed. I reached the conclusion “that all human beings are born for a great mission, and with special talents, desire, and love to do something for humanity and to change this reality to better one for all the world – this could happen only through clear life purposes by discovering the real talents and desires inside yourself – change them to goals and accurately plan for it – then Focus on it until you reach the result “.  I also believe any human should free him/her self fromthe idea that we work only for small personal goals… in this wide world, and this long life journey, we should take responsibility for greater goals that serve whole communities and work hard for spreading peace and development any area as we can reach.

I have been through many volunteering charity projects with different sponsors and organizations over the last 5 years of my life. I also initiated new ideas and created new projects independently, for elderly people in our city (Erbil) (under the name “Dental Care Project for the Elderly) and also for orphans at Orphanage center in Erbil city.

I am a good reader and book lover. Because of this love, I am co-creator of Girls Book club, with Saza Muhammed, which includes holding a monthly book club in Erbil, and helps others to start reading and developing themselves.

As our region suffers from different crises and passes through hard times, I see our duties are harder and our responsibilities are more, this makes me wish to work for different aspects of our community – charity projects, health projects (especifically oral health) and youth development through culturing reading in community.

I would like to participate in any new opportunities that let me to develop and also share my message of peace and love to all humanity.