Shamam Ismail Hassan

Shamam Ismail Hassan - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorMy name is Shamam Ismail Hassan and I am 22. I am currently studying environmental science at Salahaddin University.

I like to share in all youth development activities, to develop my country and  leave my footprint to our offspring.

This is my essay about Peace, the aim of this essay is just to replace two sentences which instead of saying “dying together” in wars to protect our country from enemies, will going to say “living together” before wars in order to save our world.

Sometime I ask a sudden question to myself just to know if I understand the whole meaning of life or my role in this world? One day I asked about peace, what does it mean to me? I thought a lot in order not to replay others definition, but I couldn’t, because wha ever you want to say about peace is one definition: peace is living together, hand in hand.

Me, as a Kurdish girl, has a different feeling about peace to a girl that has a higher quality of life. I live in a country which is full of the smoke of explosions, war, and  full of crying and yelling of people on the dead beloved body, and even my father can understand this word more than me because he suffered when he was soldier, he has painful memories, he saw death of his friends.

If we want send a message of peace we have to start from our young individuals and teach our children with TV programs or educational projects because they have a clean heart, clean mind, and clean tongue. They can understand easier and feel more about how peace is meaningful.

I love to tell them if this world isn’t paradise, it is also not as the hell as some others touch off to the world.

I want to tell them we have only one earth it is better to keep it safe in order to live in together…