Sheza R Maryam

Sheza R Maryam - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorI am Sheza R Maryam from Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean.

I am an English and English Literature teacher who is working in a government school. As I am dealing with hundred of students for a day I got to know there are many students suffer from conflicts in homes and cities. As a developing country we too had a brutal experience of war for last thirty years. Now it shouldn’t become a war to live and lead a peaceful life.

To me, becoming an ambassador of Postcards For Peace is an important ambition, because I want to change the little minds and hearts of our society in to a positive way, as today’s children will be the tomorrow’s leaders.

In particular, I want to encourage girls who are representing many ethnic groups. I want them to be unite as one  mother’s kids and to improve their personality through peace and harmony. Students, girls and all the people should think positively and want to be successful in their lives.

So, to build a better world I like to cooperate as an Ambassador of Postcards for Peace. I hope this aim will be a successful goal.

Thank you and I am proud to represent my country.