Taylor Fang

Taylor Fang - Postcards For Peace AmbassadorTaylor Fang is a high school student in Utah, USA. She is passionate about spreading respect, support, and inclusivity to young people. Her writing, poetry, and journalism pieces have been published or are forthcoming in several international online publications and platforms. These cover a wide range of topics that she deeply cares about, including feminism, societal oppression, racism, and representation. Her writing has also been recognized by the National Association of Multicultural Education, the New Voices Young Writers Competition, and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She hopes to bring her creative experience and zeal to help spread the Postcards for Peace mission.

Taylor has also served for two years on her city’s youth council as the youngest member. She’s her high school’s student body Girls League Sophomore Representative. Additionally, she’s the Youth Outreach Ambassador for her local university’s monthly science programs. Outreach and involvement are all very important to her.

Finally, she regularly volunteers around her community, including at a local elementary school, her city’s refugee center, and disability programs throughout the year. Through her experiences giving back to the community, she’s gained deeper empathy, and awareness of the issues around her.

These all come together to enforce her desire to promote equality and diversity, and to eliminate discrimination. She wants to help extend the awareness of these issues, and reach a broader community through Postcards for Peace. She believes that together everyone can build a better world through creativity, writing, and compassion.