What Is Peace?

What do we mean when we say “Peace”? To us “Peace” is…

  • When we can live without the fear of physical or verbal violence or threat of violence
  • When everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or culture are treated equally and protected by the same rights and laws
  • Sharing resources equally and having access to basic needs such as clean water, food, education, healthcare and shelter
  • Where we are all given the right to shape political decisions in the country we are officially a resident of and where governments are accountable to their people
  • Finding our own happiness and sharing it with others

In 2015 we asked people visiting our stand at a conference, “What does peace mean to you?” Responses included:

  • Love, respect & unity
  • Freedom
  • Openness and understanding
  • Walking into dangerous situations without fear of harm
  • Being tolerant and campaigning for sharing
  • Friendship
  • Love and equality. Trust and compassion
  • Living in harmony with myself but also with the world
  • Acceptance
  • Opportunity

The dictionary of “Peace” definition is:

  1. freedom from war
  2. a treaty or agreement ending war
  3. freedom from noise, disturbance, or disorder; quietness or calm
  4. freedom from mental agitation; serenity: peace of mind

The thesaurus also offers the following alternatives:

  1. harmony, concord, armistice, truce, cease-fire, conciliation
  2. agreement, treaty, concord
  3. silence, quiet, quietness, hush, stillness, rest, relaxation, tranquility, calm, calmness
  4. serenity, composure, contentment, tranquility, calm, calmness