Books For Peace


We believe that reading books is an important way for both children and adults to learn about and embrace unity, diversity and equality. There are a wealth of fiction and non-fiction titles available to cater for most tastes of readers for ages.

To bring you Books For Peace, Postcards For Peace are teaming up with Truth and Tails, a UK based organisation which has a mission to use children’s fiction to eliminate prejudice, encourage acceptance and aid understanding by addressing life’s hardest-to-explain concepts – such as gender, disability, and self-esteem – through simple, sensitive and beautiful stories featuring loveable animal characters.

In a recent interview with our ambassador Chintan Girish Modi, Mumbai based journalist Pooja Pillai said, “The wider we read, the easier it is to understand and empathize with other people, other views, other cultures. Xenophobia, racism, casteism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, chauvinism of any kind – one can learn to grow out of these simply by engaging with other stories and other viewpoints.”

We want Books For Peace to become a global book club, a place for readers from all over the world to share reviews and book suggestions to others. A place where unwanted books could be shared among fellow readers in different countries. Every few weeks we will make a suggestion of a book we can all read at the same time before reviewing and discussing it online. We will also feature and interview authors, from all over the world, about their work and how their books are contributing to a more accepting and united world.

We will begin by sharing a list of books for both young and older readers. Please feel free to suggest your own recommended books for the lists or comment on those we have chosen.